Stay At Aruba Marriott Stellaris Resort Reviews

The Aruba Marriott Resort & Stellaris reviews Casino is The hotel lived upto expectations in a variety of ways. It’s got a excellent staff, excellent views of amazing turquoise waters, and a large amount of activities to do for various types of guests.

Aruba Marriott hotel area

The Aruba Marriott Resort is located on Palm Beach that is One among the top shore hotspots in Aruba and where you will get the majority of the high tech hotels. The hotels are just north west of Eagle Beach, and it will be a beach That many reported was an even greater shore to visit but we did not get a opportunity to look it over. The hotel is situated straight on Palm Beach therefore it simply takes A quick walk for you to place the feet from the sand out of your hotel room and provides you with a legitimate shore encounter, unlike any Caribbean resorts where you don’t actually have a shore area to walk round on.

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Take a taxi for the location. Only pay $25 USD for a taxi from the airport to Aruba Marriott. The following would be the prices of remaining at Aruba Marriot.

Personnel at the reception desk are very specialist And will be served as a free (non-pointy) punch during our check-in. The lobby or atrium linking the two towers is both long and open. At different sections of the lobby, you’ll find several restaurants, gelato shops, gift shopsand jewelry stores and the entrance to the match, and a lobby bar and lounge area. All rooms face the ocean to the pool or garden with partial sea views and that means that you won’t be trapped with views of this island’s interior. The lobby hosts”Great Space” which offers many comfortable and convenient chairs choices that you relax. There is a great bar area in the lobby that delivers food from lunch to dinner not to mention a lot of cocktails.


There Are Lots of dining options at the resort for you to choose from.

  • La Vista (breakfast, dinner and lunch )
  • Atardi (dinner on the shore )
  • Ruth Steak House (dinner)
  • The Lobby, Shake and Roll (dinner and lunch )
  • Gelato & Co. (ice cream)
  • Champion Sports Bar (lunch and supper )


One space like the Junior Suite is among those recommendations too. The junior package is a corner room also really beautiful with drapes pulled back. Floor-to-ceiling windows open to magnificent views of the beach and swimming pool space, also this is a fantastic way to relax in style. The balcony is very nice and ideal for getting a beautiful view of the sunset, which falls below the horizon right in front. There too, you will be able to watch men and women participate in jet-skiing, para sailing, kite surfing, rowing fishing, plumbing, and all kinds of additional water activities from the balcony with ocean views that are quite high.

Health and fitness Center

Gym place is 1 place for body and health restoration. This Is a two-storey facility with a variety of equipment. Every thing out of tons, chairs, and lots of completely free aerobic gear can be found there. Most guests use treadmills and other aerobic equipment, however there are many different training options to pick from I doubt crowding is no issue there.


There are many things occurring at the resort to create you Enjoy the activity. One is diving in Aruba, but when you only need to spend time at the hotel, you can discover lots of activities. Besides all water sports you’ll find daily activities provided which range from things like Yoga, Take a stroll on the beach, Iguana Inter-action, Bingo and Painting face. They Also Provide comedy displays for certain times and they have One of many greatest casinos in the whole island.

The Trade Winds Lounge

What’s Tradewinds Lounge? It is possible to eat for foods. Tradewinds Lounge is only accessible for guests who book trade winds degree rooms or that pay extra to get access. Based upon the applicable prices as well as your elite status, access could be charged at $150 + per night if you don’t reserve trade winds rooms. Non-alcoholic drinks and coffee are available throughout the day. The couch also provides lunch where it is treated with yummy rice and beef dishes and”tea time” where you can have a sandwich and a wrapping and think it is really a excellent method to temporarily calm your appetite. Tradewinds Lounge also has opinions from 2 balconies.

You will find two swimming pools on this hotel, the main hotel Pool and the sole adult pool. The main swimming pool area is open to all guests. It is available right in the heart of the resort and is surrounded by tall palm trees. There’s really a great relaxing Water fall at the conclusion of the swimming pool with plenty of chairs to curl up.

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Adult’s Pool

The Marriott stellaris aruba resort has Another, brand new pool Called the H20asis Mature pool with lush Royal palms towering above the pool. There are lots of chairs across the pool to relax along with a number of wooden huts that you can rent. The swimming pool also features a pub. There are lots of open air shore views in this particular hotel, which help open and crowd the shore area. You might even rent palapas at various beach locations for $30 a day.

Conclusions Aruba Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino Reviews

Services in this hotel are some of the greatest services which Are acceptable for Aruba Marriott resort and stellaris casino, especially in the Caribbean. The hotel has amazing sea views and a lot to do so that you may Absolutely suggest this hotel to visitors to locate just one of the greatest hotels in Aruba.