Travel Flights From Belize City To San Pedro

How to get to ambergris caye? There Are two major ways to reach Ambergris Caye from Belize City, notably by ship or plane. What is the most effective path for you depends on your budget, just how much you value time and comfort, and also your comfort and ease by driving a small plane. Here are a few points to think about when choosing how to get to San Pedro.

How to get from Belize city to San pedro

Belize City Airport (BZE)

BZE has several souvenir or snack stores and also a row of wooden Benches. The airport isn’t far better compared to the typical bus stop and hence this is one airport at which you may possibly like to devote as little time as you can indoors. On the other hand, the staff at the airport are very helpful and friendly. If you arrive in BZE and aren’t sure where to select your next excursion san Belize city to San pedro, ask among the staff members. Each of them looked to speak English and strive harder to make sure we relaxed to locate our continuing flight.

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Ambergris Caye can be easily split to two main airport in belize parts, namely the south North and bridge of this bridge. South of the bridge is where the specific”city” is and also the bridge’s north is quieter and has less traffic. If you want things just a little bit more calm and remember renting a golf cart in the hotel north of the bridge.

By Plane

If you are in trouble, then boarding a plane may be a greater Path for you. It just takes approximately 20 minutes to visit from Belize city to Ambergris Caye / San Pedro by plane and the plane trip is awesome when you fly a few million feet above turquoise and coral waters. There are two airlines that fly from BZE to San Pedro airport (SPR): Maya Island Air and Tropic Air.

Save Money flying to And from Belize Municipal Airport

If you order a flight from Belize City Airport (TZA) to San It costs around $18 to take a cab from the global airport to TZA therefore the whole cost for just two will likely be around $100 cheaper. But if you fly with a bigger group or state a family , your savings will be greater and may possibly be worth flying from Belize City Airport.

From Ferry

The ferry trip is approximately 75 minutes one way ferry from Belize city to San pedro At a cost of $28 for one trip and $38 for around trip. You’ve got to pay for an additional $25 for the taxi fare to the airport to the Sea Terminal.

Getting to your hotel

Many hotels offer free taxi services from the airport to Your resort. Check with your hotel and make sure that they get it done so you can save a Few dollars. Also, there is a golf cart leasing available right alongside this Airport to you too.

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Very good thing but certainly are loosely followed

Although it’s a Fantastic Idea to make a booking for your Flights from Belize City to San Pedro, you don’t have to utilize that flight period. Basically, they operate flights based on who’s first to become first served and whether you arrive earlier or later, you might be able to catch another flight to or from San Pedro, this usually means that you don’t have to stress when planning your flight connection. Flyers normally turn out every hour however sometimes they’ll have several airplanes out every hour so just check with them and see as you might not have to wait a whole hour.